Just a quick note to let everyone know I made it to Santiago without any problems. I was on Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua, Easter Island) for 5 nights. Although the island is small there is no public transportation (except some taxis.) I rented a car for 2 days to get out to the various places. The first day, I took a tour to find where to go. That was very useful and there was an English couple along so that was also nice. One can cover most of the major site where there are standing moai on one full-day tour. The second, I had a companion with me. He is a physics professor from Italy, but is teaching in Medellin, Columbia. He paid half of the car cost (it was $80 a day and insurance is not available.) That day with the car we went back to all the places from day one, but now I had all the time I wanted at each place. The third day, there were again two of us. This time an elementary school teacher from Eugene, Oregon who is teaching in Santiago (the only American I met by the way.) (Most folks seems to be French, after all Rapa Nui is closer to Tahiti than it is to Chile. (Of course, neither is close!) I walked a lot of Santiago central today. I am thinking seriously about taking the drop on-drop off bus from here to San Pedro de Atacama and back. I’ve been to San Pedro de Atacama before (from Bolivia) but not anyway between Santiago and there.

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