Just a short note to let everyone know I am back from Tibet/China. Tibet seemed to closed in a lot of places. That could be for a number of reasons, but the top two are that the Chinese government didn’t want us going to many places and/or bad weather causes some areas to be inaccessible. The air pollution in China itself became very obvious once the train from Lhasa to Shanghai got off the higher plateaus and down to lower elevations. The first day in Shanghai wasn’t terrible, but then it did get bad. The PM2.5 ( a measurement of the air quality based on the number of particles below 2.5 microns – those that will end up in your lungs) soared to record yearly highs of well over 200. That gives it a rating of very unhealthy, approaching hazardous. The numbers are measured at the US Consulate. As expected, the smog was very obvious in the air.

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