I am still without internet, so this is going to be another group email. I have power again, water again (although perhaps not potable), heat, and cell phone. My able for internet, phone, and television is no longer in a single piece. The cable had been run through the culvert at the bottom of my driveway. The raging waters seem to have torn the cable in half at a connection. When that will be repaired in anyone’s guess (although I do have work order submitted to Comcast.) The current status is that the rains predicted for today did not come. We had only very brief periods, and mostly a sunny day. Water is still flooding the entrance, but it is only water and cars can drive through the 8” of water and back in fairly easily. By around 5pm, the water had subsided and the entrance area had a new deep layer of silt deposited. If the rains hold off, the water should continue to recede. Here’s some the history of the flooding. Yesterday morning I had an appointment for breakfast. Upon arriving at the entrance, it was obvious that was not going to happen. Water was raging at the entrance to Crestview and Left Hand Creek was well over its banks. Our entrance was buried in silt and water and water was roaring across US 36 and there was a huge waterfall on the other side. The bridge across Left Hand Creek was covered in water and some debris. By noon, the debris layer was significant with huge logs, a small bridge from upstream, and assorted other items. Later when things were at a place where we could “attack” the entrance, we were fortunate to get help from a local resident with a medium size tractor with a scoop. Using the scoop we were able to clearn the silt from beneath the water at our entrance and it became passable. Although we had lost power for a short period earlier, the power went out for good around 9pm yesterday. Unfortunately, by 11pm, the water had risen again and pushed our berm back into the exit path making it impassable. Friday morning I inspected things and found we had the water present (as expected), but also that the silt/sand/muck had been washed back into the exit path. Another resident who owns a general services company brought a snowplow down. He had had very little experience operating a plow himself. In spite of that, he brought one to the entrance and worked diligently to get a clear path out The fellow with the tractor returned and did the final cleanout of the entrance. That “touch-up” ensured the exit would stay open. All Friday. We were fortunate that the rains held off today and the entrance remained open all day with passage only requiring a short drive through about 8” of water. Hopefully, there will be no significant rain tonight and the exit will be open tomorrow as well. Friday actually was sunny most of the day and the subdivision roads dried out. The water levels went down and I even got a touch of too much sun. As of tonight, the road north form our subdivision remains closed for the indefinite future. The road up Left hand Canyon is washed out about a mile from the highway. I estimate about 100 feet of the road is gone and is now a river at that point.

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