I decided to take a short photo workshop last Sunday. The subject was star trails. We first met in a classroom and in a couple hours the instructor walked us through recommended settings and general principles of night sky photography. I learned enough for that evening and learned enough to figure out what I didn’t know and could explore further. Then we drove up to the parking lot at Mt. Evans which is around 14,130 feet and near, but still good for night skies (I don’t believe you can drive higher in the US.) As it turned out, the sky north was cloudy and not the best to try star trails which would require at least one hour. And, as you might expect, it was cold. There was a trace of snow and the parking lot area was icy. Two things made the night fun even without star trails. First, the Milky Way was out in the south so we could practice shooting it. And, we spotted quite a few large meteors (Perseid.) I was able to take quite a few photos of the Milky Way. Later at home, I practiced more and was able to capture one nice, large meteor from the north deck of my house. (I captured one other very small meteor which was too blurred in the photo when cropped to be useful.) I’ve included all the camera setting here since these are not normal conditions. All photos were taken in the camera’s Manual mode without Autofocus.

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