Rich provides photos to a number of non-profit organizations for various purposes. He enters photographic competitions and art shows when possible. In addition, he sends images to a mailing list every week or so. The weekly messages are called the Picture of the Week or “POTW”.

Morning Star

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I can't tell you how much I enjoy your writing as well as your magnificent photos. You are so talented and the luckiest guy I know to be able to experience the beauty of nature. Thanks again!A.W. 10/08

What a beautiful sight! Seeing thru your eyes is a delight. THANKS!!! NS 10/2008

You have an insatiable need for a constant new stream of knowledge to keep your mind busy which is most beneficial to you and others, too!! TT 10/2008

“I loved the FitzRoy pictures -- particularly the first and last one! Every once in a while I make an image that has special appeal for me because it contains something that looks very real as well as something that looks unreal. The last FitzRoy image fits that description to a "t." “ P.F.8/2008

“All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for the eye candy!” R.S. 8/2008

“Not sure if I've said in the past, but thanks so much for keeping me in your mailing list. The photos you take and send are simply spectacular.” C.M. 08/2008

“Richard, what astounds me as much as the beauty and fascination of your photos, is the incredible patience you exhibit in getting your shots. As one who is sadly lacking in this quality, I am constantly astounded by what you achieve with it. The wonders of the natural world never cease to amaze me and your photographs are an explosion of that awareness. Many, many thanks.” W.T. 07/2008

“Rich. It's perfect. Thanks so much for your great contribution to my ME wall.” D.W. 06/2008

“Wow!! Thanks!!” S.H. 06/2008 “These are FABULOUS!!!!!!” S.B. 05/2008

“GULP.....As usual, these are better than breathtaking! You are one of the best photographers in the WORLD!!!! Words cannot say how good these are.” S.M. 08/2008

“Your photos rock, and so do you! Great owls! Your patience obviously paid off!” C.B. 05/2008

“Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!” L.B. 04/2008

“Thank you. Amazing. The first two images of the arch are so awe inspiring. When I look at them I get a feeling of inspiration and motivation to achieve something great. Great picture for an inspirational/motivational poster. I am not religious, but the photos have a quality of godliness. Amazing. Thank you for freezing and waking up early again so you can share your gift with everyone. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” R.S. 03/2008

“Hugely impressive !! I positively gasped as the pics. unrolled on my screen. Inspirational. Glad it was you who did the hard slog tho'.......very many thanks.” W.T. 03/2008

“Wow! Just Wow.” M.P. 03/2008

“The first is sure a winner. And, you're right, you can't get too many pictures of Mesa Arch.” R.W. 03/2008

“Incredibly beautiful, Rich!! You are truly an artist!” B.Y. 03/2008

“Once again, you inform and delight me! Thank you for all your beautiful photos and wealth of information.” B.Y. 12/2007

“ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much.” B.M. 02/2008

“Spectacular! You never cease to impress. We always look forward to seeing what you will send next. (Maybe more cat pictures in your future??) Thanks for keeping us wannabes on your distribution list.” J.S. 01/2008

“Rich: Beautiful photos!! Thank you.” D.B. 12/2008

“Thank you for all the wonderful pictures you've been sending out. I know it's a lot of work but it appears to be a labor of love. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do and really look forward to your POTW's. I look forward every week to receiving Sports Illustrated and your POTW.” B.S. 12/2007

“Thanks for all the beautiful photos & adventures you share with us! Happiness & safe travel for 2008!!!!!” M.W. 12/2007

“WOW!! Thank you!! I love these photos! Wish I'd known about this before. Thank you for putting me on the list. I will look forward to more great pics from you.” D.B. 11/2007

“When I see your POTW in my e-mail list I feel like I am being served dessert. I wait with bated breath for the pics to download. Again, I was touched deeply by the grandeur, grace, beauty of this bear and wishing that the reality of their endangered present and future were not true. I am grateful that you have gone there to capture photos of them...perhaps there may not be the availability of such photos in the future....You are a gifted photographer living a self-selected gifted life!” L.B. 10/2007

“Great shots! I especially like the one with the birds in the background. I hope these animals will somehow be with us for a long time to come.” J.M. 10/2007

“Totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! As I've said, we just can't wait to see your POTW. Thank you for sharing. My daughter loves animals and it is such a treat to be able to show your photographs to her. Thank you again.” R.S. 10/2007

“Rich, thanks for the awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!” T.L. 09/2007

“Rich, this was absolutely the most beautiful set of pictures you have ever sent - and that I have ever seen!!! I just love them. The flamingos are indeed the most elegant, colorful, aristocratic of birds....and you get to see them in their exotic habitat. You have found a fabulous lifestyle.” L.B. 07/2007

“Again...thank you for sharing your work so generously - and please don't ever take me off your list! L.B. 07/2007

“R. That last one, no. 7 is a beauty! They are all good (as usual) but that last one took my breath away!”..R.M. 07/2007
“R. When I look at your work I hope that you can either publish it or sell it because it shouldn't just sit in a file! Didn't you once say that you had a book in mind.” R. M. 07/2007

“I yi yi!!!!...............I got a sparrow the other day.....but it was a little blurry. These are incredible!” S.M. 07/2007

“Rich, Outstanding stuff. Thank you so much for sharing with me.” T.G. 06/2007

“Not sure if you will get this or not, but I just wanted to share how much I enjoy your POTW. I have an incredibly busy and stressful life and when your POTW pops into my box it makes my day. Your pictures are fabulous and the commentary is so enlightening. I have no idea how you get such incredible shots, they are really outstanding. They give you such a sense of the creature. Thanks again for doing what you do!” V.M. 06/2007

“Richard, You continue to astound me. Thank you.” J.E. 05/2007

“Rich: Just went through the photos. They are wonderful. Thank you so much for allowing us to use them. Enjoyed your visit today.” P.W. 05/2007

“Thank you for getting up before sunrise and walking miles in the weather to send out great photos that take my breath away. You have an amazing talent!!!!! Keep the great photos coming. We love them!” R.S. 05/2007

“Absolutely breath taking!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the beautiful sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” R.S. 05/2007

“Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” S.C. 04/2007

“BBBRRRR. I can almost feel the cold with these black and white pics. Awesome!! Thanks.” J.D. 03/2007

“Rich, Magnificent!” A.R. 03/2007

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the great pictures you've sent, they are amazing..... It's the first thing I check Saturday mornings... Hope all is well!!!” D.H. 02/2007

“Stunning photos Rich!!!” R.K. 2/2007 “Another National Geographic quality picture. Just beautiful!” G. M. 2/2007

“All I can say about these are "WOW"., gorgeous animal. Thanks again for sharing.” J.S. 02/2007

“HOLY MACKERAL!! These are absolutely fantastic!!!! I'm did you get the kitty in mid-air! I have to forward these on to my other "kitty" friends. THANKS!!” J.D. 02/2007

“So, GREAT! Glad you're going to enter. And I'll brag to everyone that it's your picture, when it comes on the screen! And, although, you're not competing for ribbons, I know you'll do well. Your images are PHENOMENAL (sp?).” S.M. 02/2007

“You continue to be a work of wonder!” J. E.2/2007

“Love love love all these wild life photos and comments that you send....amazing pictures!!! Huge thank you.” P.T. 02/2007

“My goodness! My sister was going on about your lion pictures this morning (weekly phone call to discuss all important happenings)--wait till she sees you and the wolf!” R.R. 02/2007

“I can't let these photos (both this email and the previous one of the lion) go without saying - WONDERFUL! Thank you again for including me on your list.” P.G. 02/2007

“You are amazing! You are unbelievable! You are going to be famous!!!” J.H. 02/2007

“These are MAGNICICANT...................and I truly mean this. I love looking at his face.” L.R. 02/2007

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” S.M. 2/2007

“You just MUST be stealing these one person could be shooting ALL these winners!! Ha. All of the shot are great, but the first is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! LOVELY work!!! (as usual).” S.M. 01/2007

“Wonderful, thank you. More than I was expecting. In fact, with a little editing, I think the text would make a great article, regardless what I get from XXX. I believe I have room for it in this issue. How does that strike you? I'm thinking that a larger version of DCS9809 (Pika Peak) would make one nice picture. And of course the big one at the end of your message is fabulous. DCS9883 (Eek!) is another great one. I would like larger versions, at least 1200 pixels max dimension of those, if possible.” G.O. 12/2006

“While these all ALL PHENOMENAL, the last one was making my head swoon! (DSC6061) Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're well. But I know you are if you are taking pictures like this! I can hardly believe my eyes. Has Nat'l Geographic seen this?? They'll be jealous!” S.M. 11/2006

“I just went over them again!..The first two would make beautiful wall murals in a home or even a restaurant WOW...again, your images have made my day !!!!!!!”...R.M. 11/2006

“Estupendo, Magnifico!!!! All the pictures are fabulous Rich, especially the first picture of the geese flying out of the wetlands early in the morning and also the last picture of the lone geese in flight. You are quite talented. If they haven't already, your pictures should be in National Geographic.” L.R. 11/2006

“Are you famous? You should be. Goldfinch are what I have most of in my yard. They are so cute.” P.G. 08/2006

“Just wanted to say how ‘proud' I was of you, winning nearly EVERY slide of the month available!!!! I didn't realize that, as I had missed all but one of the digital competitions this year. At the banquet, there you were, in full battle array, with images to knock everyone's SOCK'S OFF!!!!! I WISH you could have heard the ahhhh's and the ooohhh's! Ya' done us proud....... It would have made you smile, and then reinforce that every minute of your shooting was worth it (IF you had ever doubted).” S.M. 07/2006

“Sooo very cute. I don't know if I told you how BREATHTAKING the photos were that you shot in the world at the bottom of the earth.” WOW_EEEE!! S.M.02/2006

“Oh my God! (do not take the Lord's name in vain, but this HAS to be an exception!) WOW...wonderful. Test was successful. I've love all your recent pictures so very interesting!” S.M. 02/2006

“Well, this trail sounds downright DANGEROUS, but certainly is downright GORGEOUS!!! DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!! Please don't enter the digital competition of the Merrimack Valley CC this year. Save that for the amateurs like me (only fooling). BEAUTIFUL WORK.” S.M. 11/2005

“AAAAWWWWWWWW ~ I LOVE THESE PICTURES! Did you bring me back a Panda so I could hold and cuddle one too? What adorable creatures they are...... I want one :-) Thanks so much for sharing these photos... they are definitely keepers :-) Both for the panda shots.... and YOU :-) Your Biggest Fan :-)” B. H. 06/2005

“Rich, What a cool picture! I just can't believe your photos sometime. You should enter this one in some kind of contest. It is eerie (as in kind of spooky) and beautiful at the same time. You are really a talented photographer who should take on another career. Maybe you aren't suppose to retire quite yet.” C.M. 04/2004

“OH DEAR GOD--THIS IS STUNNING -HOW.... HOW BREATH TAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you were alone when you saw this????????????? I am gasping here-this is the most unbelievable yet. Rich-thank you for this-I really need to get this enhanced enlarged. This is absolutely MARVELOUS." T.S. 03/2004

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